Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mock Class: Round 2

Only 10 days to go until TT!  I can hardly believe it.  A lot has happened this past week, life drama, unexpected changes, but I am going to trust the process and accept these changes and that everything will work out.

I taught my 2nd mock class this morning; this time with 3 smiling, happy faces, one of which was a fellow student from the Northville studio who is also heading to TT.  How awesome that a yogini I had not met yet came to support me.  Today was different than last week, but good.  We cranked the heat up, bright lights shining, and this time I ended at the full 90 minutes.  There really is enough time to say all the dialogue, really ALL the dialogue, in 90 minutes.  I played around using my voice more today, speaking louder and faster in certain poses as a way to provide support and energy to those practicing.  It was a little difficult for me as I am not typically prone to yelling at others!  But by floor bow I felt a little groove with it, comfort, and it felt good to use by voice as an avenue for others to push themselves harder. 

I got some good feedback from the 2 teachers that were in the mock class today.  I said "sorry" once during class today for a reason I don't even remember, which is a no-no.  But, with comfort and focus I know that habit will subside.  I won't be able to do a mock class next week before I leave.  This last week before training is going to be HECtic wrapping up work, packing, seeing everyone, etc. 

I leave you with a picture of floor bow, Dhanurasana.  Kick back more, kick harder!

(My cat refuses to not be in pictures)

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