Monday, September 17, 2012

First Class with Boss

Well I survived, and enjoyed, my first class with Boss himself, Bikram.  He is very loving toward us trainees and even though he may say something you don't like or agree with, you can still feel his love for you and everyone around you.  Very cool.  Seeing 443 happy, smiling trainee faces lining up the hot room was quite surreal.  The room is huge, seriously huge, I really cannot explain that feeling in words.  I had to take a knee a few times in the standing series due to feeling dizzy, but that is ok.  We have the night off to go grocery shopping, etc. and I am loving myself for having gone my first night in; OMG that was just last night!  Time does not pass the same here.  Just finished up some dinner and now off to practice half-moon with TT buddies.  Night :)

PS: I am not legally permitted to take or post any pictures of the classes, Bikram, clinics, etc.  And above all that, I was asked not to and will respect that.  So, if you are looking for pictures you will not find them here, other than maybe some random pictures of me and some TT buddies being yoga dorks.

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