Friday, September 28, 2012

A day with Jim Kallett

Yesterday was amazing.  Everyone was feeling a bit tired, cranky, sore, etc.  In walks Jim Kallet.  He lectured after our AM class and the shift in mood was palpable.  He spoke on the history of Bikram Yoga, philosophy, Paramahansa Yogananda, Bishnu Ghosh, Quantum physics, his experiences as a student and as a teacher of 15 years, and a million other things.  Feeling and observing 443 people's moods rise, attentions focus, and energies increase was really pretty amazing.  He spoke about a book called "Code Name God" by Mani Bhaumik, which discusses his life in India, studies in physics, and the science of yoga.  I must read this!  Jim also taught our 5pm yoga class and it was the most joyous, happy, wonderful class I have ever had.  Jim owns and operates Bikram Yoga in San Diego.  Maybe I'll check it out after TT!  I'm feeling very grateful this week that I have been permitted this opportunity in life. 

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