Saturday, September 29, 2012

Well Hello Beautiful

I practiced in the front row this morning.  It was the first time I have seen myself in THE mirror in over 2 weeks, since I last practiced at home.  Whoa.  I barely recognized myself, my body.  What a joyous class to feel self-love like that, and I was surrounded by my BYTT homies.  Off to Manhattan Beach now to study dialogue :)

Friday, September 28, 2012

A day with Jim Kallett

Yesterday was amazing.  Everyone was feeling a bit tired, cranky, sore, etc.  In walks Jim Kallet.  He lectured after our AM class and the shift in mood was palpable.  He spoke on the history of Bikram Yoga, philosophy, Paramahansa Yogananda, Bishnu Ghosh, Quantum physics, his experiences as a student and as a teacher of 15 years, and a million other things.  Feeling and observing 443 people's moods rise, attentions focus, and energies increase was really pretty amazing.  He spoke about a book called "Code Name God" by Mani Bhaumik, which discusses his life in India, studies in physics, and the science of yoga.  I must read this!  Jim also taught our 5pm yoga class and it was the most joyous, happy, wonderful class I have ever had.  Jim owns and operates Bikram Yoga in San Diego.  Maybe I'll check it out after TT!  I'm feeling very grateful this week that I have been permitted this opportunity in life. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bulletproof spirit

What does bulletproof mean?  For me, this past week, it has meant letting no one, no thing, no words, no situation, no circumstances, nothing steal my peace or leave a footprint on my spirit.  Bikram discussed spirituality last night as connecting your spirit with your mind and using the asanas and the cosmic mirror as a way to practice such spirituality.  As a teacher you communicate with your students, connenting your spirit with theirs.  Beautiful.  I am feeling very connected and inspired so far this week and I am going to enjoy every minute of it.

"When I teach a class I don't see you with my eyes, I look at you with by third eye and my heart." - Bikram

Thursday, September 20, 2012


I successfully presented the dialogue for Half-Moon today in front of Bikram.  I was number 183 out of 443 souls that have to go!  Bikram gave me decent feedback stating to slow down the setup so students, especially new students, have time to set it up correctly.  I do tend to talk faster when nervous, so I will work on that.  Glad to have that finished now so I don't have to anticipate it anymore.  I haven't recited the dialogue from start to finish since before leaving home, so I am looking forward to the weekend to have time to practice and some free (???) time.  I am looking forward to being split up into posture clinics next week.  Let's do this!  For now, I am about to be off to PM lecture and likely another Bollywood movie.

Monday, September 17, 2012

First Class with Boss

Well I survived, and enjoyed, my first class with Boss himself, Bikram.  He is very loving toward us trainees and even though he may say something you don't like or agree with, you can still feel his love for you and everyone around you.  Very cool.  Seeing 443 happy, smiling trainee faces lining up the hot room was quite surreal.  The room is huge, seriously huge, I really cannot explain that feeling in words.  I had to take a knee a few times in the standing series due to feeling dizzy, but that is ok.  We have the night off to go grocery shopping, etc. and I am loving myself for having gone my first night in; OMG that was just last night!  Time does not pass the same here.  Just finished up some dinner and now off to practice half-moon with TT buddies.  Night :)

PS: I am not legally permitted to take or post any pictures of the classes, Bikram, clinics, etc.  And above all that, I was asked not to and will respect that.  So, if you are looking for pictures you will not find them here, other than maybe some random pictures of me and some TT buddies being yoga dorks.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

It is getting really real

I got an email from Headquarters today welcoming me to LA and TT.  It is getting really real.  People are in LA already, especially the international yogis who need time to get over jet lag.  I feel like I know them all already through the FB group page, which is awesome.  I have another 3 nights and 2 days before my early flight and then I will be able to meet my BYTT Fall 2012 Tribe (so we call ourselves).  I am full of so much energy, excitement, nerves, everything that I don't know what to do with it all.  But, I am appreciating and enjoying these last few days with my hubs, family, friends, and home studio yogis.  I am going to miss everyone but very much looking forward to this experience.  All the trainees are posting about their plans for eating, sleeping, memorizing dialogue, surviving the torture chamber, ahhhh!  In reality we will all be fine, I will be fine. 

Helpful quotes and advice from teachers, trainees, and myself:
- Breathing is required, everything else is optional.
- As long as you put forth 100% effort, you get 100% benefit.
- All great changes are preceded by chaos.
- Sleep is over-rated.
- Bikram hates tattoos.
- Eat raw, don't eat raw, eat meat, don't eat meat, eat what you want, plan what you will eat, don't worry about eating, worry about eating.  (Get the picture?)
- Above all, embrace the yoga bubble, meet everyone, enjoy yourself, as there is nothing else like this life-changing experience.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mock Class: Round 2

Only 10 days to go until TT!  I can hardly believe it.  A lot has happened this past week, life drama, unexpected changes, but I am going to trust the process and accept these changes and that everything will work out.

I taught my 2nd mock class this morning; this time with 3 smiling, happy faces, one of which was a fellow student from the Northville studio who is also heading to TT.  How awesome that a yogini I had not met yet came to support me.  Today was different than last week, but good.  We cranked the heat up, bright lights shining, and this time I ended at the full 90 minutes.  There really is enough time to say all the dialogue, really ALL the dialogue, in 90 minutes.  I played around using my voice more today, speaking louder and faster in certain poses as a way to provide support and energy to those practicing.  It was a little difficult for me as I am not typically prone to yelling at others!  But by floor bow I felt a little groove with it, comfort, and it felt good to use by voice as an avenue for others to push themselves harder. 

I got some good feedback from the 2 teachers that were in the mock class today.  I said "sorry" once during class today for a reason I don't even remember, which is a no-no.  But, with comfort and focus I know that habit will subside.  I won't be able to do a mock class next week before I leave.  This last week before training is going to be HECtic wrapping up work, packing, seeing everyone, etc. 

I leave you with a picture of floor bow, Dhanurasana.  Kick back more, kick harder!

(My cat refuses to not be in pictures)