Thursday, September 13, 2012

It is getting really real

I got an email from Headquarters today welcoming me to LA and TT.  It is getting really real.  People are in LA already, especially the international yogis who need time to get over jet lag.  I feel like I know them all already through the FB group page, which is awesome.  I have another 3 nights and 2 days before my early flight and then I will be able to meet my BYTT Fall 2012 Tribe (so we call ourselves).  I am full of so much energy, excitement, nerves, everything that I don't know what to do with it all.  But, I am appreciating and enjoying these last few days with my hubs, family, friends, and home studio yogis.  I am going to miss everyone but very much looking forward to this experience.  All the trainees are posting about their plans for eating, sleeping, memorizing dialogue, surviving the torture chamber, ahhhh!  In reality we will all be fine, I will be fine. 

Helpful quotes and advice from teachers, trainees, and myself:
- Breathing is required, everything else is optional.
- As long as you put forth 100% effort, you get 100% benefit.
- All great changes are preceded by chaos.
- Sleep is over-rated.
- Bikram hates tattoos.
- Eat raw, don't eat raw, eat meat, don't eat meat, eat what you want, plan what you will eat, don't worry about eating, worry about eating.  (Get the picture?)
- Above all, embrace the yoga bubble, meet everyone, enjoy yourself, as there is nothing else like this life-changing experience.

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  1. Squeeeee, so excited for you and all the other trainees! And you got it right: you WILL be fine!