Thursday, August 30, 2012

My first 90 mintues

What a wonderful day. 

I got to sleep in, which could make for a good day in and of itself.  When I woke up, I immediately felt a bit jittery, pukey, excited, scared, anxious, had a few WTF am I doing moments, etc., etc.  I meditated for about 20 minutes, which helped bring the jitters down.

11:30am: 11 smiling, happy faces turned out for my first mock class; mostly teachers, eek, pressure on!  The hubs came and a few fellow students and friends.  I am thankful for their love, support, and encouragement.  11 has always been by favorite number, so it was definitely meant to be! 

I winged Pranayama.  Trying to remember the dialogue in the exact order was too nerve racking for me, but it felt good, calm, and normal to just say what felt right in the moment.  The nerves settled pretty quickly, which was a very pleasant surprise.  I focused my awareness and attention on delivering one pose at a time, trying not to anticipate delivering that dreaded Triangle pose, and didn't sweat it when I made mistakes or forgot certain lines of dialogue.  I tried to be comfortable with my own voice, by presence in the room, the bodies in front of me, and also with the silence of Savasana.  Man does Savasana seem LONG when teaching, as compared to when taking class! 

Regarding dialogue, it is definitely all in my brain, but recalling it in front of others is another skill all together.  I am excited to give it another try next week.  I can tell the difference between the poses I learned first, such as Half-Moon, and the ones I learned last.  I can rattle off Half-Moon with multiple distractions, but not so much on the later ones.  I'll be back at my studying tomorrow, especially on the floor series. 

As a side note, I want to say a huge thanks to my dear friend Simmmmmm who left me a wonderful gift after my mock class today.  A huge canister of Ultima Replenisher!

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