Saturday, October 27, 2012

From Half-Moon to Spine-Twist

It is the end of week 6.  Week 6!  Time is going by so fast.  I have delivered dialogue for all postures and the last few from my group will finish up on Monday.  It feels so good and I am actually looking forward to continuing posture clinics next week, but with the goal of stringing multiple postures together.  Apparently this is something new for our TT session since we finished PC early in the game.  So, go us. 

I am feeling bittersweet about the end being so near because there is nothing quite like this 9-week long yoga bubble.  I will definitely miss my yoga family here, but I know that we are a worldwide family and are always connected.  It is cool to think that I now have family from London, Paris, Mexico, Australia, and all over the US and Canada!  I plan to do some traveling and visiting whenever possible.

I am scheduled to teach my first class at Bikram Yoga Temecula on Sunday 11/18 at 10am, the day after graduation.  I might as well get my feet wet straight away.  Then, the hubs and I will continue driving east, road-tripping our way home.  I'm looking forward to spending a week together before going back to real life.

On a different note, I reached some new points in my practice this past week.  On numerous occasions I could not feel my body in class.  I knew I was holding my foot, pulling my leg in, heart racing, etc. but could not feel it!  I spoke with some others about this and concluded that this phenomenon is due to the meditative nature of the practice, especially when uber-focused and pushed beyond the edge/limits.  This practice continues to amaze me.


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