Tuesday, October 9, 2012


What an amazing day.  It started off like any other, 8:30am class, shower, eat, etc.  But, posture clinic with Balwan was absolutely wonderful.  He has this intuitive ability to look into each trainee's personality, soul, character, whole being and give them constructive, honest, and deserving feedback that they can use.  Myself included.  He taught me an immense amount about about myself in 5 minutes by making me get comfortable with projecting my voice, commanding the students to do the poses, and believing in myself that I am the teacher, no longer the student.  I delivered Eagle, then had to deliver it again with all 39 other trainees, Balwan, and a visiting teacher as my students.  I had to PROJECT my voice as if I was teaching the students in the next cabana over.  Amazingly enough the nerves started to fall way because something about being commanding gave me confidence.  Watching the other trainees go through similar transformations was great and put a smile on everyone's faces.  Followed that up with an awesome yoga class at 5pm with Lisa from San Antonio.  She is pregnant, and not just a little pregnant.  She is radiant and inspired the whole class to move together, support one another, and gave us confidence that we can all do this.  Heading off to anatomy class now with a smile and a renewed sense of why I came here in the first place. 

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