Friday, October 5, 2012

Week 3, where did you go?

Week 3 is just about over; 1 more yoga class tomorrow morning.  That is 30 yoga classes in 3 weeks.  This week we had anatomy classes every day and posture clinics started.  I was super nervous during standing back bend and hands-to feet pose, but did much better with awkward.  Everyone is very encouraging and supportive during posture clinics, both the trainees and the teachers.  This week was fast, super fast, busy from 7am to 12am every day: wake up 7am, 8:30am yoga class, shove food in my face, 12:30pm posture clinic and/or lecture, 5pm yoga class, shove some more food in my face, 9pm anatomy lecture, 12am bed.  I can see why they say to enjoy every minute of these 9 weeks because they are flying by.

Had my first emotional class yesterday evening, or as they call it, I was "hit by the yoga bus."  Sobbed during spine strengthening series, but still got into and held the postures.  If I'm gonna be a cry baby, I'm gonna be a cry baby in the postures :)  I feel fortunate that the universe saw fit to let me have these moments in one of Jim Kallett's classes, who is by far one of the most radiant instructors I have ever had.

Study time by the pool

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