Sunday, November 4, 2012

In just 2 short weeks

Week 7 is done?  Crazy how fast this time goes.  75 classes in 49 days and only 21 more to go.  I feel like I could do 21 classes in my sleep!  The yoga, the physical practice, is really the most beautiful part of TT at this point.  Everyone is so strong and focused now, moving together, no one ever really sits down anymore, or leaves the room.  Truly remarkable considering their are 443 of us.  Back at home I always noticed how strong, yet calm, all of our teachers are when they take class, even on those particularly hot and humid Michigan summer days.  I get it (at least a portion of it) now.

This week we continued posture clinics, but put 3 or more postures together as opposed to 1 at a time.  We are the first TT group to do this (tooting our collective horn).  It was fun to see people's nerves start to fade away, personal growth, and get a glimpse of what their first class might look like.  As for me, I'm scheduled to teach my first class on Sunday at 10am, the day after graduation, at a friend's new studio which is opening here in California.  Whoa!  I'm nervous, excited, and every other emotion about it.

Bikram threw us a Halloween party this week on Wednesday night, complete with food and dancing.  Most everyone came in costume and danced their hearts away until about midnight.  It was a nice break from the routine of TT.

I had my ups and my downs this week, but have decided to just observe the downs, learn, and move on.  It is hard to believe that I will be certified in just 2 short weeks.

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