Thursday, November 29, 2012

So much love

So I'm home now.  Home.  It is as surreal to me as TT was when I first arrived there.  But, I am settling back in, practicing, getting back to work, and of course teaching.  It is nice to be back home, in our space, seeing everyone, and really feeling the love.  Seriously, everyone from TT, students and teachers alike from my home studio, family, friends, everyone has been tremendously supportive and giving during this entire year and the process of TT.  And of course the husband who picked me up from LA and traveled cross-country with me for an extraordinary week.  He even endured visiting several Bikram Yoga studios and practicing during our trip.

My first class was packed with 48 students this past Monday night, including 1 newbie, the husband, several teachers, and numerous regulars that came out to support me.  I was less nervous than I anticipated that I would be, which was a pleasant surprise.  I stuck to the dialogue, felt more settled once we got to Eagle, and finished class at 87 minutes.  It felt sort of dreamy afterwards, like, "Did I just do that?"  Amazing.

My second class was last night, packed with 43 people this time, several of which had also taken my class Monday night.  It was fun hearing their feedback about the differences from Monday to Wednesday and directly from the source, the students I have known and practiced with.  My teacher-friend also came and I was so grateful to have her there as she was such a huge part of the reason that I ever believed I was capable of TT.  My love for her is endless <3.  I had a few moments on the podium where I thought to myself, "Holy (insert your choice of cuss words), I am UP HERE.  These students trust me to get them through class."  It was that moment that I knew I had already made the best decision of my life to go to TT.  Ushy gushy, yes, but true.  Looking forward to my 3rd class tomorrow and many more.


I share this picture of me and a friend from TT during our last week of training.  It sums up the emotions from training for which there are no words.  NOTE: We were allowed to take pictures at this point ;)

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